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Bonded Warehouse in Laredo, Texas

Trust our customs broker's bonded warehouse in Laredo, Texas, for all of your storage and distribution needs. Mario Pena Inc. makes it even easier to import your items into the United States thanks to our public bonding warehouse and crossdock storage and distribution services. Contact us at (877) 900-1424 for more information about any of our great services.
Warehouse, Bonded Warehouse in Laredo, TX

Public Bonding Warehousing
If your product is getting transported, but for some reason it can't get to the destination, our company is capable of storing your products at our public bonding warehouse. We are capable of holding your merchandise for up to 5 years so you can manipulate the shipment by exporting or importing partial shipments. Our storage prices are by weight, so call us at (877) 900-1424 for your warehousing quote.

Crossdock Storage & Distribution
If you have hired a transportation company from out of state and import with a Mexican trailer, we can transfer the goods to an American trailer to help you move the products legally. With our storage and distribution services, we can become your carrier and help you transport your goods to anywhere in the United States from our bonded warehouse in Laredo.

Contact us in Laredo, Texas, at (877) 900-1424 for more information about our bonded warehouse.